Monday, April 20, 2009

Facebook Silliness

This would probably piss me off if it wasn't so completely ridiculous.  As it is, it mostly just makes me laugh.

"It teaches them that the only way they can be powerful is by merging with their all-powerful, god-like dom."  

Ha, ha, ha... All-powerful?  God-like?!  I love Giant to death, but no one who has ever met him would possibly define him as all-powerful or god-like.  Quiet, shy, kind - sure, but god-like is just silly.  Actually, most people tend to think I'm the dom (not quite sure what that means, but I suspect it says more about them than us).

I feel like I should have something significant to say, but it really is just to silly to take seriously.


  1. I'm not sure how submission feels to you, but to me it doesn't feel like merging either. I find that almost more boggling than the "God-like" though God-like is also not how I perceive a top, even when I'm in headspace.

  2. Hmm... yeah, merging is definitely a weird descriptor. It makes me think of some sort of sci-fi mind meld type thing, which isn't how submission feels at all.

    Merging sounds like becoming part of them, even at my most headpacy I'm still very much myself