Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Stuff!!

Apparently is having a sex toy giveaway contest.  Since a girl can never have too many toys, and I am a poor college student, I figured I'd give it a go.  Making my wish list was surprisingly difficult, but I think I came up with a good selection.  Many of the items are things that I can't afford/ wouldn't necessarily spend my own money on but would love to have.

So here's my wish list, loosely grouped by category:


LILY and ELISE, both by Lelo.  I'm always drawn to Lelo toys when I go to the sex shop; they look and feel beautiful.  They are, however, a little outside of my budget, so this seems like a great opportunity to try and get my hands on a few.

A Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Egg with a 15 foot range.  Do I really need to explain why this would be fun?  I've been wanting a discreet remote toy for quite a while now, this certainly seems to fit the bill.

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cockring with dual vibes for umm... all around fun.  My $8 mystery-jelly cockring managed to half melt somehow and this seems like a nice upgrade.

Explicitly Kinky:

Locking Wrist and Ankle Cuffs.  I tend to really enjoy rope, but cuffs are great way to restrain someone (generally me) quickly and securely.  Plus, I just don't have any decent ones at the moment.

A Leather Hog Tie, to go with the cuffs of course.

A Wide Tip Riding Crop, because I couldn't possibly get $1000 worth of sex toys without getting anything for hitting (and Giant has been eyeing crops pretty consistently for a while now).

The Little Devil Electric Toy, my reward for making it through an entire semester of electrical physics labs without inappropriately shocking myself (or anyone else).

Dildos, Plugs, and Balls:

I've been lusting after a glass dildo for quite a while, and the Berman Basics Ruby looks like it will do nicely.  I'm seriously interested in the temperature range glass provides, and they are so beautiful.

A Feeldoe Stout.  I've been curious about these "strapless strap-ons" since I first saw one several years ago.  

The Tiger by Fun Factory (in black).  I don't really know what to say about this other than that it is lovely and huge.  5.5" circumference = 1.75' diameter = awesome!  It is sure to satisfy the most intense of penetration cravings and is also fairly intimidating to look at (a serious bonus as far as partnered play goes).

The Tantus Silicone Ripple plug (small - in purple).  Can you tell that I really like silicone?  It's hygienic, easy to sterilize, and the texture and feel is fantastic.

Fun Factory Smart Balls - I've been wanting some for a while.  After all, why wouldn't I want to exercise my pelvic muscles?

And with all those new toys, I'll need something to put them in.  The last item on my wish list is a Lockable Vibrator Case (black), bringing me up to a grand total of $999.15.

Go check out the contest.


  1. Utterly off-topic, I posted that kink playlist I mentioned to you a while back.

  2. cool, electrical physics labs. what do you study? I study computer science and bioinformatics.

  3. Pure Mathematics, the Physics was an elective.