Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Kiss

So, I wrote this story a while (over a year) ago, but this seemed like an appropriate place to put it.  If one of the very few people from my real life who has read this finds it they'll know who I am, so if you know me from this story, hi.  I originally wrote the story using gender neutral pronouns, so if you do know me this is your chance to find out who was who.

The sun shown brightly through the leaves, accenting the brilliant oranges and reds that were just beginning to scatter the New England landscape on that crisp September day.  It was the first of autumn, a perfect afternoon unmarred by either the heat of summer or the chill of the later fall, when the couple arrived at the park.  Alex led the way, confidently pulling Sam by the hand across the river towards the more secluded picnic area.  Sam followed hesitantly, nervous but willing, unsure of what was to follow.  

Alex pulled Sam forward; pressing her back into a nearby tree and looking deeply into her eyes Alex quietly asked, “Trust me?”  Sam’s breath caught in her throat as she forced herself to answer, “Yes,” in a barely audible whisper.  Alex resumed walking slowly to a nearby picnic table with Sam following a few steps behind, her eyes fixed on the cord that dangled from Alex’s back pocket.  

“Give me your hands,” Alex gently demanded.  Sam complied and Alex quickly bound them together behind Sam’s back, fastening the other end of the cord to the bench of the picnic table.  Sam could feel her heart pounding faster as she sat helplessly on the bench waiting to see what Alex would do next.  Unhurriedly, Alex turned Sam so that she was straddling the bench and then sat down behind her, just close enough that their bodies barely touched.  

Alex’s touch was feather-light as he gradually moved his hands along Sam’s expectant body.  He moved gently up the arms and along Sam’s back, brushing his hands smoothly up the back of Sam’s neck and into his hairline, sending shivers down Sam’s spine.  Abruptly, Alex brought his hands down sharply to Sam’s shoulders and began massaging them firmly; the thumbs pressing deeply into the flesh of Sam’s upper back forced a small moan to escape her lips.  

Alex began kissing softly across Sam’s shoulders and up the back of her neck steadily working toward her ear.  Tenderly, Alex ran the tip of her tongue along the outside of Sam’s ear, then sucked her earlobe deep into his mouth.  At the same time, Alex gave the cord that held Sam’s hands a sharp tug, pulling her backwards into his chest, then slid his hands under Sam’s shirt and up her stomach.  Alex kept moving his hands upward until they lightly brushed Sam’s nipples then lingered, gently caressing them; suddenly, Alex gripped Sam’s nipples and sharply twisted.  Sam quickly gasped as her body tensed, then relaxed back into Alex’s chest.

Sam nearly fell backwards as Alex quickly stood and moved to sit in front of her on the picnic table bench.  Alex leaned forward and began kissing along Sam’s jawline moving slowly towards her mouth.  When he reached Sam’s lips Alex paused, his face hovering just centimeters away from Sam’s.  Feeling Alex’s warm breath on her face, Sam leaned forward trying to press their mouths together; at the last instant Alex pulled away leaving Sam desperately straining against the cord, unable to reach his lips.  

Keeping his face out of reach, Alex ran his hand up the length of Sam’s leg and back and into her hair; abruptly, he pulled back on Sam’s hair to expose her smooth neck.  Alex leaned in and softly kissed Sam’s collarbone then moved slowly upward, allowing his tongue to glide smoothly up Sam’s neck and across her jaw.  When he reached Sam’s lips Alex moved back slightly, keeping his lips just out of range before coming close again to kiss his way back down the other side of Sam’s face and neck.  With her head held tightly back, Sam was powerless to touch the soft mouth that hovered just beyond her reach.  

Alex released Sam’s hair and, as Sam rushed forward towards his lips, Alex leaned slowly backwards to remain just barely off limits.  Longing for the feel of Alex’s mouth on her own, Sam leaned forward, oblivious to the cord that dug deeply into her wrists.  Still avoiding Sam’s searching lips, Alex reached around her body and pulled roughly on the cord, forcing Sam upright with a gasp.  The sharp ache in her wrists was obscured by Sam’s desperate desire to taste Alex’s lips and feel his tongue inside her mouth.

Without allowing Sam the contact she so urgently craved, Alex pressed his body forward, pushing his knee between Sam’s open legs.  Sam moaned as Alex’s knee pressed firmly into her, making her yearn all the more for the feeling of Alex’s mouth on her own.  Alex pulled Sam forward, rocking her body steadily against his knee while the cord that bound her hands held Sam firmly in place then slapped her lightly across the face.  Sam gasped; her breath came quicker as she felt the blood rushing through her body to her face, her lips tingled and ached for the lips Alex seemed so willing to place anywhere on her body except her waiting mouth.  

Sensing that Sam was close to climax Alex abruptly pulled back and stood, moving to once again sit behind Sam on the bench.  Slowly, Alex ran his hands up the insides of Sam’s thighs, barely avoiding her sex, and up the sides of her body.  As Alex softly kissed the back of her neck he clasped Sam’s hand and twisted upward against the cords, causing Sam’s body to arch back against his.  Sam strained to turn and touch lips, but Alex still remained scarcely beyond reach.

Alex moved back in front of Sam and pulled forward until the cord was taut and Sam was pressed hard against his knee again, released slightly allowing Sam to rock back as the pressure on her wrists slackened, then pulled the cord taut once again.  A deep moan escaped Sam’s throat as she struggled to reach the mouth that sat so tantalizingly close to hir own.  Alex continued to rock Sam forward against his leg kissing her neck and face, everywhere but her lips.  

Finally, just as Sam’s need for Alex’s mouth began to border on agony, Alex rocked her forward and leaned in until their lips gently touched.  Sam pushed farther forward, completely unaware of the cord cutting into her wrist, as she pressed her mouth fervently against Alex’s, their lips and tongues melting together while Alex rocked Sam’s body harder against his.  Sam moaned louder as the fire of Alex’s kiss washed over her and she came, her back arching and her head falling back.  Alex could fell the wetness leaking through Sam’s jeans as he held her close against his knee.

As Sam brought her head back up Alex met her gaze; the brilliant green of Sam’s eyes caught the sunlight as Alex smiled, kissed her tenderly once more, and leaned in to gently release her wrists from the cord.

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